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The Morning Musume fanlisting debuted on August 1, 2005 ♪

Ikimasshoi! is a cute way of saying Ikimashou!, and translates to Let's go! in English. It is taken from their pre-performance cheer, Ganbatte Ikimasshoi!, which means Let's do our best! The girls can be heard yelling this as they gather in a circle before a performance. I thought this cute and energetic yell fit Morning Musume's image perfectly ♪ It is also the title of one of their songs, as well as the title of their 4th album

Version 5 Renai Revolution was launched in celebration of their 20th anniversary. It features a rotating header of the various lineups throughout the group's history. It rotates randomly so keep clicking throughout the site and you will see all five designs. Every fan has their personal favorite era of the group, and I thought it would be cool to feature the different generations ♥ The theme is fresh and cute, so I kept things bright and catchy X3



Abe AsamiAkanishi JinAmuro NamieDo As InfinityhydeKamenashi KazuyaT.M. RevolutionYamashita Tomohisa


Album: 4th Ikimasshoi!Genre: J-pop


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