Welcome to Ikimasshoi!, the fanlisting for the ever young and cute J-pop supergroup, Morning Musume ♥ Since their humble debut in 1997, their energetic music and girl-next-door personalities won over the heart of Japan. The members are constantly changing through a system of auditions and graduations, and they are particularly famous for its large line-ups - they were 16 members strong at one point in 2003! Although the original 5 members have since graduated, their successors are holding their own as they continue to re-invent their image and their music ♪

Morning Musume is currently in its 14th Generation with 14 members from Generations 9-14, with 27 former members. The current group leader is 9th generation member, Fukumura Mizuki.

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  • Last updated: August 06, 2018
  • Members: 1050 (+0) fans in 75 countries
Favorite Morning Musume Member:
Abe Natsumi20 fans
All266 fans
Fujimoto Miki34 fans
Goto Maki24 fans
Ichii Sayaka3 fans
Iida Kaori10 fans
Ikuta Erina1 fan
Ishida Ayumi1 fan
Ishiguro Aya1 fan
Ishikawa Rika23 fans
Junjun3 fans
Kago Ai56 fans
Kamei Eri43 fans
Konno Asami32 fans
Kusumi Koharu34 fans
Linlin6 fans
Michishige Sayumi67 fans
Mitsui Aika7 fans
Nakazawa Yuko1 fan
Niigaki Risa75 fans
Oda Sakura1 fan
Ogawa Makoto11 fans
Suzuki Kanon1 fan
Takahashi Ai82 fans
Tanaka Reina107 fans
Tsuji Nozomi26 fans
Yaguchi Mari40 fans
Yasuda Kei3 fans
Yoshizawa Hitomi72 fans


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